The long-awaited version of the exciting game from the “Papa’s” series, where users manage a cafe specializing in coffee, cocktails, etc. In accordance with modern trends, the developers add recipes for the most popular hot and cold drinks around the world.

The gameplay includes taking orders from customers, preparing drinks in accordance with their wishes and serving – issuing the finished drink. Users can choose from a variety of ingredients and decorations to create real masterpieces in the field of drinks. So it should be not only tasty, but also beautiful.

In addition, players must serve customers and manage their cafe, improve the interior, purchase new equipment and make adjustments to the menu. They can also participate in various activities such as cocktail contests to promote business and reputation. After all, this way you can get more and more customers, which means profit!

“Papa’s Mocharia” features bright graphics and interesting gameplay that allows you to enjoy managing your own cafe and preparing delicious drinks. It also has various modes that add variety and interest, including a career mode.

One of the unique features of this version is its focus on making coffee and cocktails. This allows players to turn their ideas and fantasies into unique drinks using many different ingredients and decorations. The game also has several modes, including a career mode that allows participants to develop their business and reach new levels. In addition, the game has mini-games that add variety and help you earn additional bonuses.

Papa’s Mocharia

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