A colorful strategy and time management game created by Flipline Studios. The user here has to manage a pretty diner, where they prepare ice cream and serve customers. Available for the browser on various platforms, no installation required.


Here the player is given a series of tasks to complete in order to attract and retain customers. You need to make ice cream to order, choose the right toppings, toppings and syrups, and serve customers on time to keep them happy and leave generous tips.
Papa’s Freezeria offers the opportunity to upgrade your café by purchasing new equipment, decorations and menu upgrades. The user can also create and customize his character, buy new outfits and accessories.

You are offered several levels of difficulty and different missions that you need to complete in order to advance further. The game is part of the “Papa’s” series, which also includes cooking pizzas, hamburgers, cakes and other dishes.

It is worth noting that there are not only many different ingredients and toppings that can be used when making ice cream. Each client also has his own preferences and desires, so the player must be prepared for the fact that they will have to fulfill very diverse orders.

In addition, the game has good graphics, funny characters and music that creates the atmosphere of a summer vacation on the beach.

Papa’s Freezeria

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