Another game in the series of colorful virtual entertainment “Papa’s” created by Flipline Studios. The user is invited to manage a pizzeria and cook pizza according to the order of customers.

The player needs to select the appropriate ingredients and toppings to please customers with a wide variety of requests. An important element of the gameplay is the need to bake pizza in the oven, keep track of the timer and serve customers on time. You can upgrade your pizzeria, buy new equipment and upgrades, and customize your character.

“Papa’s Pizzeria” has several difficulty levels. You have to face different life situations that happen when running a real business.
One of the main features of the game is its unique gameplay, which combines elements of time management, strategy and culinary themes. The user must manage the entire process of pizza preparation, from the selection of ingredients to baking in the oven and serving to customers, that is, the quality implementation of their product.

Each client of your virtual pizzeria has his own preferences and wishes for the composition of the pizza, so the player must respond quickly and avoid mistakes in the process of fulfilling orders. As you complete missions, you will receive additional bonuses, accumulate game values and spend them in a local store to make your business even more profitable.

Papa’s Pizzeria

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