Surely each of you dreamed of becoming a real confectioner someday, in order not only to create your own unique sweets, but also to delight guests with them. This game, in which users can play the role of a confectioner and manage their own bakery, makes a dream come true today. So, users have to prepare different kinds of sweets such as pies, cakes and muffins to please their guests and earn the maximum amount of money.

It is possible to customize the recipes and designs of your own cakes and pies. Competitors can choose from different types of dough, toppings, glazes and decorations to create unique flavor combinations. Here you can become the best confectioner in the city! You are responsible for Papa’s Bakeria. Earn money, work hard to get more tips and expand your business!

This game helps to develop time management and personnel management skills, teaches how to allocate all available resources with maximum efficiency. Users can manage their business, take orders, complete them on time and earn unlimited money. Cook delicious treats, serve guests and show all other players that you are truly a pastry master. Results and testimonials from grateful customers will speak for you! Today you will be a real businessman.

Papa’s Bakeria

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