This is a game that helps you learn time management by simulating work in a fast food restaurant. Here you try your hand at the role of a restaurant manager who has to take orders, cook and deliver dishes to customers within a certain time. The player needs to properly manage time, optimize processes so that all orders are completed on time and customers are satisfied.
The game evaluates performance based on the number of customers it has served and customer satisfaction. To achieve maximum score and a good reputation, the user must learn to plan ahead, optimize processes, manage resources, and make decisions quickly and efficiently.

By accumulating game values, you can spend them in the store to buy new equipment for your business, hire competent employees, and also expand the assortment in your menu. Do not forget to also pay attention to the design of the room in which you serve the client – this is one of the most important components of any business. You will definitely succeed, show everyone that you are the best restaurateur in the world!

Papas Fritas

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