Are you ready to go head-to-head against Papa Louie in a rap battle? It’s insane! In this FNF mod, Papa Louie has put down his frying pan and picked up a mic. He’s ready to take on any challenger who thinks they can out-rap him. And that’s where you come in!

Can you cook up a real show?

You play as the main character from FNF, and it’s your job to show Papa Louie what you’ve got. You’ll need to rap your way through some seriously tough verses, all while keeping up with the beat. And Papa Louie doesn’t mess around! He’s got some serious flow. But don’t worry, you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve too. You can use different moves and power-ups to throw Papa Louie off his game and gain the upper hand. It’s all about strategy and timing.

Delicious music and sizzling action!

And let’s not forget about the music! The beats in this mod are straight fire. You’ll be nodding your head to the rhythm and tapping your feet along with all the grooviest parts the whole time. It’s the perfect mix of rap and cooking game goodness!

With two of your favorite characters rapping together on one stage to some seriously funky beats, FNF Papa’s Funkeria is a total blast. So if you’re ready to take on Papa Louie and show him who’s the chef in the hip-hop kitchen, give this mod a try. You won’t regret it!

FNF Papa’s Funkeria

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